January 2021

Start ‘EM UP! 


Staying Safe 


Its a 2021 and time to get performance ready!

It’s time to kick off the new year, with re-starting our big projects PERFORMANCE CARS!!


YES you heard right…

We dont know what 2021 holds for us, but we are not going to let it keep us from doing what we are passionate about, and that is making sure our cars are at top performance.


This way we will be ready for action, when the time calls for it. 


Watch this space for regular updates!



Staying Safe 


Carburettor Master will keep your car as safe as your own home.

This year we are taking your safety to the next level. 


You can feel at ease knowing that when you bring your car in for a Carburettor Service, your car will be fully sanitized with our onsite sanitizer fogging machine, when the job is done.